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When you arrange a roller garage door installation with Easydoor UK, you can look forward to impeccable customer service from start to finish – resulting in a high quality installation that will last for many years.

If you’re thinking of ordering a new garage door with us and want to know more about what the installation process entails, this page has all the information you need.

Initial Contact

You can get in touch with us by phone or online. If you have used the online price calculator, you will already have a price and can follow up on this by: requesting a no obligation site survey, completing the purchase online or contacting the office for more information.

If you haven’t used the price calculator - but have an idea of their required dimensions - we will provide an estimated price based on these measurements. After this, we will arrange a no obligation survey to accurately measure your door.


Our engineer will arrive at your property at the arranged time. During the survey, they will check the measurements, confirm the specification of the door and will answer any questions you might have before committing to any purchase.


If you’re happy to go ahead with the order, the engineer will contact the office to confirm an installation. They will then take a £100 deposit, OR they will take the confirmed information back to the office, after which you will receive a confirmed quotation which can then be transformed into an order.


There is usually a 3 week period between your order date and the date of installation. One week before installation, we will contact you to once more confirm your time slot.

On the day

The installation team will call when they’re on their way, and will arrive at the pre-arranged time.

Once on-site, they will remove your old door - if there is one - and install your new garage door.

Engineers will connect the door and set up all the controls - testing them to make sure everything is operating as planned.

They will give you a demonstration of the door, showing you how to use it and any extra features you might have chosen - before taking the final payment of the outstanding balance.

Advantages of choosing the installed option with Easydooruk

  • Our engineers take full responsibility for all measurements - so no need to worry about getting them wrong.

  • Our installation service comes with the reassurance of either our 2 or 5 year parts and labour warranty.

  • If you choose to have our Executive door installed, you’ll have the extra security guaranteed by specialist SBD (Secured by Design) accreditation.

If you’d like to arrange a site survey and installation for your new Easydooruk garage door, simply contact our friendly team today.

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